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Bilge Cleaner

For bilge areas in watercraft”s, use water-based formula Bilge Cleaner for complete grease and oil removal on your watercraft’s. Bilge Cleaner is a concentrated, water-based formula with excellent, solventized cleaning action. It has a pleasant pine smell with easy to use applications for small, large and commercial crafts, tug boats, ferries and more.


Heavy Soil: Mix 1 Part Solution to 5 parts water.
Medium Soil: Mix 1 Part Solution to 10 parts water.
Light Soil: Mix 1 Part Solution to 20 parts water.

  • Apply Bilge Cleaner at desired strength with a garden sprayer or brush onto the surface with a hard bristle brush.
  • Allow Bilge Cleaner to soak for 5 to 10 minutes and rinse off area well.
  • Dispose of bilge waste in an environmentally responsible way, please see your local guidelines.

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