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GW+ is a low pH 100% hydrofluoric acid-free product that effectively removes pollutants on greenhouse roofs and walls. Its superior foaming action is also ideal for overhead cleaning, shading compound removal, whitewash, and killing algae, fungus and bacteria.  Biofilm and mineral deposits can be removed streak-free with a touchless 2-step cleaning process on fibreglass; dynaglass; glass; plastics; copper; galvanized steel; aluminum; cement greenhouse foundations; interior greenhouse walls and roofs; and in a sprinkler or roof washing system for greenhouse roofs. The washdown concentrate is estimated to cover 20L per acre of glass outdoors, and 15L per acre of glass indoors depending on levels of soil on the surface.



Heavy Soil: Mix 1 solution to 10 parts water.

Medium Soil: Mix 1 solution to 20 parts water.

Light Soil: Mix 1 solution to 30 parts water.

  • Apply product onto soiled surfaces, and then rinse off with high-pressure water supply.
  • Do not allow the product to dry onto the surface.

Rinse application equipment well after use.

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