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GW Klor

Sanitize surfaces and deodorize organic odours with the superior foaming action of GW Klor, an alkaline, chlorinated cleaning agent. Its single stage cleaning is designed for greenhouse facilities, warehouses, farm buildings, walls and floor. It is also ideal on concrete walls & floors, poly or glass walls and roofs, picking carts, vegetable totes and where disinfection is required. GW Klor is easily mixed with water depending on what level of cleaning is required.


Heavy Soil: Mix 1 part solution to 10 parts water.

Medium Soil: Mix 1 part solution to 20 parts water.

Light Soil: Mix 1 part solution to 30 parts water.

  • Apply product onto soiled surfaces. Rinse off with high pressure water supply.
  • Always test on small area before use.

Do not allow product to dry onto surface.

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