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GW Klearvu

A greenhouse shading remover, GW Klearvu is a highly efficient cleaning agent formulated for removing pollutants on greenhouse roofs and their exterior walls. It is easily mixed with water, reduces labour with quick cleaning action, and is safe on glass with etch-free and streak-free results. Greenhouse shading compounds can be effectively removed through whitewash application equipment, manual application, sprinklers, helicopter, wand and roof washing systems.


Dilute product with water according to the table below. Apply product in dry weather by spraying on the dry greenhouse.

Heavy whitewash: Mix 1 solution to 5 parts water.

Medium whitewash: Mix 1 solution to 7 parts water.

Light whitewash: Mix 1 solution to 10 parts water.

Apply product onto shaded surfaces, rinse off with high-pressure water or allow next rainfall to remove the product, allow the product to soak for 4 to 8 hours minimum.

Rinse application equipment well after use.

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